Tuin van Bret

Tuin van Bret, Sloterdijk, Amsterdam


July – September 2018

On a triangular residual space, between a railway and a bus station, a ‘village’ has been built at Sloterdijk station. The BRET Garden is the first circular industrial business park in the Netherlands with a vineyard. Here, a deserted part of the city turns into a small-scale village with pavilions made of bright red sea containers.

The Bret Garden is the place where a group of entrepreneurs realize their dream. Each from a different background and from a different field but with the same goal: to create their own, inspiring place that has the least possible impact on the environment but gives the maximum possible impetus to the environment.

The Bret Garden is the example of the new economy; not driven by money but a passion to realize beautiful, high-quality and sustainable things. An inspiration for others with which they show that everyone can change the world around them.

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Kastrupstraat 11
1043CR Amsterdam
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